Kristy's Big Day  - Ann M. Martin Alright, I have loooove these books when I was younger, so that's why I decided to buy the 6 first books of the series. I understand why I love them when I was younger, now they are a little childish to me (and here is speaking the girl who loves to read children's books). Maybe because the baby-sitters are too immature for my taste (as they should be, I mean, they are just 12-years-old!), but I can't help thinking, when I read Kristry's PoV, that she is too annoying, from Mary Anne's PoV, that she is too childish and whinney; from Claudia's and Stacey's PoV, that they are too arrogant and narcissistics. Well, I'll regret tomorrow this review, but that's what I was thinking today when I was re-reading this book.