Get a Life - Laura Peyton Roberts Actually it is a 3 star and a half rating. Despite being a teen book, it is a little dramatic. The story happens is high school, where all classmates from a sick boy with leuchemia, Kurt, organized a carnival to raise money to help him. In one of the group, the main characters reunited to sell burguers and hot dogs: Melanie, the cheerleader; Jesse, the football player; Nicole, who is in love with Jesse; Miguel del Rios, one of the cool boys; Leah, an intelligent girl; Jenna and Peter, best friends, and Ben, the nerd and clumsy boy. Each one of them has his/her own issues, as all teenagers do. The only issue that kept me rolling my eyes was Nicole´s. All she ever did was to whine about her weight and Jesse, who didn´t notice her. Except her story, everything was interesting. Oh, and except something that happens that I think was totally unfair. I see the point, why it did had to happen, but even so, it was not fair at all.