The Foundling - Georgette Heyer I thought at first that I wouldn´t like this book so much. The only reason was because the main character, Gilly, Duke of Sale, was not like all the other Georgette Heyer´s heroes at all (and the name wasn´t helping either). But it turned out excellent.

At the beginning of the book, Gilly is shy, very gentle and doesn´t know how to say no. Then he escaped, called himself Mr Ruttfold so nobody knows he is a duke and has a lot of adventure. One thing I especially like about Heyer´s book is when the hero becomes tutor of a kid. This story was not the exception. Gilly takes care of the most beautiful girl (and also, the dumbest), Belinda, and a very naughty boy, Tom.

Even the "bad guy" of the story, Mr Swithin, is a very funny character. I enjoyed all his scenes, and I really liked how he ended. Very recommended book, as all from Georgette Heyer.