The Mysterious Benedict Society - Trenton Lee Stewart, Carson Ellis I´m always looking for books with great children characters, so this book did not disappointed me. The main characters, Reynie (witty, the leader), Sticky (intelligent, nervous), Kate (nimble, super-hero type) and Constance (crunky, little girl) were very likable children. None of them was perfect, but their habilities were incredible. Together they form The Mysterious Benedict Society, under the leadership of Mr. Benedict, a funny man who has narcolepsy (this was very original, IMO) and with the help of Rhonda and Number Two and Milligan, the children go undercover to a school to defeat the evil Mr Curtain.

This may be a book for children, but even I, who am in my mid-tweenties, thought that some parts were pretty scary. The children are basically alone in this school, which is in an island, and the only way of communication with the others is through Morse Code (again, this was also very original... Who knows this code nowadays?). So the story is kind of scary sometimes, but it is also of adventure, and bravery and friendship. The ending: maybe a little predictable, but even so, some parts have a little twist which were gratifying.