The Princess Curse - Merrie Haskell Just finished reading this book. I loved it. At the beginning I was like "oh no, another story like "Princess of the Midnight Ball", a book that was MEH. And I did not like the name Reveka... it was misspelled in my opinion. Luckily, the book was very good, sweet and enjoyable. The first chapters were a little slow in my opinion. Maybe I just donĀ“t like the story of the twelve princesses dancing at midnight too much. Either way, when it started getting like "Beauty and the Beast" with Greek mythology it was great.

Reveka is a great character. She is 13-year-old and acts like it, sometimes immature, sometimes mature. She has a temper, but she is also brave and great as a herbalist (really a herbalist, not like Rose from The Healer's Apprentice). And I really liked Dragos, a fantastic beast-prince, who seemed to be the bad guy of the book, but instead is so nice and melancholic, and in spite of needing desperately a bride, never forces Reveka and is always nice to her. When the story develops in the Underworld it was rather obscure, which I liked; it was not so fairy-tale.

Sadly, the end comes a little abruptly. I think there is not a second book, which is sad because I would have loved to know what happened with Reveka and Dragos.