A Need So Beautiful - Suzanne Young Charlotte is some kind of angel, something like Leo from Charmed. The idea is good,but i didn't like her. The reasons:

- she is too boyfriend-dependent. "Harlin this Harlin that". "Harlin makes me feel safe/alive/loved"
BLAH BLAH BLAH. We get it, you think that you are NOTHING w/o him.

- whenever she is doing the Need (the compulsion to help others) she doesn't like it or doesn't feel anything. Where is the Love??

- there are not enough cases of her Needs IMO. I would have liked to read more about them.

- she whines too much. I understand her destiny is terrible, but go and do something about it, like LIVE YOUR LIFE.

-and the last reason is more against YA books in general: why is the best friend of the female main character always such a selfish/slutty spoiled girl? Like Sarah in this book (but she is nice at least. I'm just saying it's too stereotyped).

So, actually the need is not TOO beautiful. In fact, it is sad. Because when is your time, you have to go and you'll become a Forgotten: no one will remember you, not even your parents. It was a great premise, but I expected more.