The Talisman Ring - Georgette Heyer When I started reading this book I thought I was not going to like it. I thought that Eustacie was the main character... and boy, she was feather-head in my opinion. Then, in the following chapters Sarah Thane appeared and all was good.

She reminded me Abigail from Black Sheep... in her late-tweenties, always with a sparkle in her eyes, intelligent, and comprehensive with the younger female, in this case, Eustacie, a french-girl whom I thought was rather stupid, but luckily she was not... at least not that dumb. And Ludovic, a fun and young character, was similar to Aubrey, from Venetia: impulsive, care-free, a great sense of humour. And Nye, the caretaker of the Inn, reminded me of Gibbs, the right hand of Captain Sparrow from Pirated of the Caribbean.

And Sir Tristan... a real Georgette Heyer male leading character... intelligent, serious with a touch of good humour, powerful... The truth is that Richard Armitage will make a perfect Sir Tristan!

Anyway, what I liked about this book is that the whole story basically takes place in an Inn, so there are no descriptions of beautiful gowns, big houses, elegant outfits, etc. And there is a mystery going on, which for me, it is always welcome. It was a little difficult to understand the slang of certain characters, but even so, is not a negative side of the story.

Even the villain of the book, Basil/Beau, was enchanting. Maybe because the story was short and was not so redundant, but this book is among my favorites from Georgette.