A Tangled Web - L.M. Montgomery I hate rating a book from L.M. just 2 stars, because I love her and I think she had a wonderful imagination, telling so many stories from so many people in just one book. A Tangled Web is not different. There are so many characters, and all of them are Dark or Penhallows. But I couldn't love the book, although it definetely has L.M. Montgomery's touch.

First of all, that racist remark everybody talks about... It is unpleasant, and the same with Margaret wanting a "rosy, blond-with-blue-eyes baby". If she wanted so badly to be a mother, she should like any child.

All the love stories in the book are unbelievable. Peter and Donna... hating each other since forever, and then, the first time they met, just with one look they are completely in love. Gay and Roger... she was suffering for one year the lost of Noel, and suddenly, she doesn't love him anymore and finds out she loves Roger instead? And finally Joscelyn and Hugh... Joscelyn was such a bitch, leaving him after just hours of getting married because "she felt for another one" just by looking at him. And then, 10 years later, after seeing him so un-handsome, she realizes she loves Hugh again? She just wanted the house she lost after dumping him... I think she was the most disagreeable character in the whole book.

Another thing I alwasys love about L.M. books is that they make me care for the characters, and I laugh and cry with them. Not in this case. I did not like any of the characters... maybe Little Bryan, but that is all. It is not a bad book, but it is not great as I am used to.