Sylvester: or The Wicked Uncle - Georgette Heyer What I like about Georgette Heyer´s books is that there is a pattern in all her stories: the rich titled man who is so refined and correct and suddenly, he is in the middle of the main female character´s adventures and problems. Also, you can never miss a little boy who actually behaves like a little boy; the inevitable dog and the naive/loyal/funny brother of the main girl. So this book has all of this lovely ingredients: duke (check); girl in problems (check); instead of a brother, a loyal friend (check); a little boy (check), and the dog has a tiny role.

I realize why so many reviews say that this story is like Pride and Prejudice. Sylvester, being a rich man, is proud as Darcy, and almost against his will he falls in love with Phoebe, a girl who since the beginning has prejudices against Sylvester. But Darcy was almost cold in his manners, Sylvester is more temperamental, and I like him for that. He is demanding, but at the same time, funny, sweet, likeable. Elizabeth Bennett was not so sensitive as Phoebe. Overall, I have a great time reading this novel, and I wish this book were turn into a movie. But in the meantime, I´ll try to get the audiobook and listen to Richard Armitage as Sylvester (I can see Richard as Sylvester, despite the fact that Sylvester is only 27-years-old and Richard 40, haha). Very recommended book. Georgette Heyer is amazing, and I´m eager to read more of her.