More Than a Mistress - Mary Balogh This is the first book by Mary Balogh I read, and I am not disappointed at all. Historical Romances book for me are Lisa Kleypas, Amanda Quick, Julia Quinn. Mary Balogh is definetely in the list.

There are rare ocassions in Historical Romances book where I like the heroine more than the hero. Usually is the hero that caughts my attention, because they are interesting, manly, brave, and of course, super sexy. But in this case, I loved the heroine, Jane Ingleby. She never complained, even in her darkest time, always faced her destiny with dignity, very much like the Lady she was. Sometimes writers describe their main character as brave and intelligent, but when I read the book, they just don´t show it. In this case, Balogh did not need to describe Jane because she, with her actions, proved that she was intelligent and brave. She never even ask for Jocelyn´s help, and actually, she does not even need it, because she proved she was capable of solving her own issues alone.

On the other hand, Jocelyn was a very interesting character, in spite of behaving like a jerk a couple of times. Regardless of his behavior on these ocasions, like when he found out who Jane really was, he was nice. The best thing about this book was that I could see when and why they fell in love: it was not only because of their passion or because of how they look; they really became friends as well as lovers. Even when they hate each other was real; their hate was so strong because of how much they love each other.

I also like the title very much, because it is so suggestive. Jane was really more than a mistress. Yes, she lived in a house where Jocelyn used to keep his mistresses, but he did not go there just to have sex with her; it was so sweet the way they were in her room, their room, just spending time reading, painting, etc., having a intense time without having to touch each other. Sometimes it reminded me to Jane Eyre, the way Jocelyn kept saying "Jane, Jane", or his brusque manners, and she, on the other hand, so composed.

Other thing I noted while reading this book is how much I like duels scene; they are really an important part of any Regency story. It is like you are really there, living that period.

The only thing I was not pleased with was that I found some similar stuff with Georgette Heyer´s books. I do not know if it is because she is my favorite Regency author, or because I read in so many forums, website, etc., that most writers just copied her, but to me, Angeline, Jocelyn´s sister, was very similar to Freddy´s sister in Cotillion. And Jocelyn, always taking his quizzical glass or whatever it was called, to his eye everytime he wanted to intimidate someone, was soo much like Shield from The Talisman Ring or even Sir Waldo, I think, from The Nonesuch.

This is the only reason I rate this book 4 stars, because it is actually really good, romantic and sweet. The main problem for Jane, which was being accused of being a murderer and a thief, is luckily solved very quickly. I did not even care for the name Jocelyn: true, it is a female name, but that does not matter once you are so completely into the story, knowing the characters and liking them.

Very recommended. I am eager to read more books by Mary Balogh.