The Maze Runner - James Dashner I am not completely sure about whether I liked this book or not. For about half of the book it was MEH. I couldn't get to like Thomas, the main character. I understand his situation, but he was too gloomy for my taste. Then, he started to act like Harry Potter: he felt guilty the situation all the boys where living, therefore he was willing to sacrifice himself.

When Teresa woke up, things started to get interesting. All about codes and finding out how to get out the Maze. Their battle against the monsters (I do not know how they are named in English, cuz I read this in Spanish). The story behind their names: Alby, Thomas, Newt, etc.

But then again, the ending. After reading the whole book, I still do not understand the whole point of erasing their memories, and why they were send there, and who are all those people behind this? What is happening in the world? What is the connection between Thomas and Teresa? So all the questions remain without an answer at the end of the book. Yes, it is a sort of captivating dystopian book, but it could have been much better.