Mansfield Park - Jane Austen Finally, i finished the book. The last chapters were a bit slow. I confess I was a bit reluctant to read this book, after several bad reviews. But I liked Fanny. True, she isnt like Elizabeth or Emma, but she was nice, honest and strong (cause she didnt sucumb to the wishes of all the people surrounding her). What i didnt like about this book, instead of Fanny, were the other character. All of them were quite annoying: Henry, Mary, Mrs Norris, Lady Beltram, Edmund... OMG, Edmund is the least likeable male character in all Austen's books. I thought that Edward from Sense and Sensibility was weak and boring, but Edmund definitely wins him. Nevertheless, I'm glad i read Mansfield Park. As a true Jane Austen fan, you have to read all her books. The next one and last one is Persuassion... I have great expectations for this book, I hope I wont be disappointed!