Edenbrooke - Julianne Donaldson

3 stars and a half.

This is a nice, clean romance book. It started with a touch of GH style. Heroine lives with her grand-mother, gets a letter from her twin sister who happens to be in London, behaving as a Lady should behave. So Heroine (Marianne) moves to Edenbrooke for a visit, but before getting there, she lives a disagreable experience, which leads to the meeting of the Hero (Phillip).

Phillip is the typical Regency Hero I like: gentleman, funny, gracious, handsome, rich, endearing. He fells in love almost immediately with Marianne, although she does not know. And this is one of the reason why the book does not have a 4 stars. Marianne is a good heroine, but sometimes she is too naive. She gets into funny situations, but I do not know... they are a little childish sometimes.

And the other thing that bothered me was the perfect ending. Everything settles for Marianne: her love, her inheritance, the problem with her sister, with the villain...

But this is a nice book, and I would recommend it to everyone who likes Regency Period. Of course, it is not nearly as good as JA or GH, but it has a touch of both authors, because (as I read after finishing the book) Julianne really read their books. I would love to see this story in a movie. The romance is not rushed, it actually develops into a sweet friendship before Marianne understands her feelings. The things Phillip said or did were so adorable! Especially that love letter... **swoons**