The Quiet Gentleman - Georgette Heyer I am positive that there will never be a book by GH that I won´t like. This one begun like the last one I read: slow; that is why I thought "hey, this one won´t be like the others I read". Wrong.

Gervase, Earl of St. Erth, comes back home after several years. His family, composed by his step-mother and his step-brother, are not very pleased with this. Then, mysterious things began to happen, and all of them attempt to the life of Gervase. I got to say, GH surely knew how to create heroes. Gervase is not exception: gentleman, rich, quiet, etc. etc. Almost all the characters made me laugh at least once. Martin is the typical rich and spoiled younger brother; his mother, Drusilla´s parents when they were discussing their daughter´s future...

The only thing that annoyed me somewhat was the perfect Marianne, who was so beautiful and nice that everyone was in love with her. Yawn. And also the villain. I suspected him at the beginning already but I liked him, and that did not make his behavior any less shocking.

The heroine, Drusilla... too bad she did not have enough scenes, cause she is the kind of girl I like: sensible, serious (and I love her name). If I were her, I would have been very surprised to find out Gervase was in love with me! Because he was so nice to everyone, and he showed interes in Marianne at the beginning of the story.

So, it is true that maybe the story was not WOW, but GH was an awesome writer. When I was reading the book I could imagine so well their dresses, the places; I always learn so much about Regency period, and their vocabulary, costumes, etc. This time I could appreciated everything a little more because I had the computer in front of me to search for images of the Napoleon clavat, the pelisse, cabriolet... Besides, this book has the main points to make a story interesting: mystery, humour and just a tiny romance.