The Nonesuch - Georgette Heyer Fortunately I read this book in my native language, because to read any book from Georgette Heyer is very difficult. Her vocabulary about the setting, the clothes... all new to me.

The main female character, Ancilla, was a bit like Abigail Wendover, from Black Sheep. She was always having a blast with the hero, in this case, Sir Waldo, and who wouldn't? Again Georgette created a perfect man, who is always having fun and who is a role model to everybody (in this case, very different from Miles from Black Sheep). Her pupil, Tiffany, who is so beautiful and so vain, was fun to read. That girl is so conceited! Thinking that every man was in love with her, including Sir Waldo and his cousin, Julian.

The only negative point on the book would be the end. When I finished it I was WTH?? It was so abrupt. I want to know what happened after the adventure ended, but anyway... It is highly recommended, just beware of the sudden ending.