Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow, Vol. 6 - CLAMP Yesteday I watched for the 2nd time in 10 years the last chapter of Cardcaptor Sakura. So today I decided to read the last volume of the manga. There are a couple of differences, some I liked better in the anime, some I liked better in the manga.

Syaoran tells Sakura he loves her. OMG, he is so sweet! In the anime (at least, in the Spanish version), he tells her he "likes her very much", so to tell her he LOVES her is so cute, and much better.

More about Touya and Yukito. I love this couple so much! They are so sweet together (although I prefer Touya and Yue much more). Touya knows that Sakura loves Syaoran, and what she is doing for him. Even if Touya is a jealous big brother, he helps her. Touya: I love you!

Yamazaki and Chiharu: they are so cute together. In the anime, Yamazaki does not make a single apparition in the last chapter, so I love that in the manga we get to see the lovely couple.

Eriol and Kaho: they barely talk in the anime; however, you can tell they love each other in the manga. Even perceptive Tomoyo can see that. Too bad Eriol is a kid, cause he and Kaho make a wonderful couple. And he is so sweet towards Yue, who loved Clow Reed so much.

Professor Terada and Rika: in the anime, we only notice that Rika has a crush on her teacher. However, in the manga, they meet each other secretly. This is one of the cases where I prefer the anime. The professor is too old and Rika is just a child.

Fujikata: in the anime, we never find out that he is half of the reincarnation of Clow Reed. In the manga, even Sakura can tell the resemblance between both of them. Another thing that to me is so sweet is that at last he is able to see Nadeshiko.

Finally, Sakura's feelings: she realizes that Syaoran is the most important person for her. She even makes a Teddy bear for him, something that she doesn't in the anime. And the ending... awwwww so SWEET! Syaoran finally comes back to Japan to stay with Sakura forever.

I love this manga. I love the anime. And I love all the characters. I would love to see more of Yue and Eriol and Kero in the final episode, because the three of them are my favorites characters. This is a really beautiful and sweet story.