A Great and Terrible Beauty - Libba Bray I was expecting more... The description, cover and title were great. But I couldn't like Gemma and her friends. First of all, Gemma is a spoiled brat insensible girl. The choices she made... I was like "no girl, you wouldn't!". She witnessed the murder of her mother (they got separated before it happened because of her foolishness), she regretted it enormously. Then, she has the chance to meet her mother again, and she spoils that chance by arguing with her again??

The society she forms with charming Felicity, beautiful Pippa and smart Ann doesn't make a whole sense to me. There is no real friendship between them (except maybe between Felicity and Pippa). Why trust this girls? The society was too much "The Craft" in my opinion, Felicity as the bad girl, Gemma as the heroine.

So, taking aside my not-liking the girls, I liked the mother and Kartik. Unfortunately the mother won't appear anymore in the next books as I can see. And Kartik has just a couple scenes. -WOW, the dreams Gemma had.. they were HOT!

So, it was not a bad book, only the character were not great. I love Regency Era, and with a touch of supernatural it is even greater. I am not so sure if I will read the next 2 books or just read the summary. Maybe the latter.