Skip Beat!, Vol. 1 - Yoshiki Nakamura The story is kind of lame. Kyoko is a girl who is too silly for my taste. She fell in love with her childhood friend Shotaro, and moved out with him to the big city. He became a super star while she remained working as a maid. First sign that the guy is a jerk. He barely visits her, but she is happy just seeing him for a few moment. That is, until she hears that he was using her to do all his chores. What an a**hole! So of course she seeks for revenge, in doing a complete make-over. Just wrong. She changes because of the guy, not because of her (and BTW, she was much more prettier with black hair), spending ALL her money to do that. AND also moving to the show business... I mean, change you entire life TWICE because of a jerk? No thanks.

The other guy in the story is another 'hot' singer, Ren. Not my type. His neck is too thick, it bothered me the few times he showed up.

So it is not a bad manga. As I expected, I laughed several times. But there are so many good shoujos to read I think I'll pass this one.