The Blue Castle - L.M. Montgomery I understand why reviews say that this book is to appreciate when you are older. I am doing it now that I am in my twenties, because I can relate to Valancy: her lack of excitement, her mother, her relatives. She lives like a ghost, without actually living; until she gets the letter from her doctor telling her that she is going to die. That´s when she reacts and starts living her life the way she always wanted. When she was taking take of Cissy Gray... awww that made me cry, at the best L.M Montgomery´s style. What can I say about this writer? She knew how to write touching scenes.

Than, about half of the book, Valancy proposes to Barney. Two great characters written by the great L.M.M. I liked both of them; they are sensible, and happy, and real. Their love life is believable. The ending is beautiful. I am so happy I have finally read this book. It did not disappoint me, it was as sweet and real as I have hoped.