Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie It is not really a chick lit, but it comes close to it (it was not too funny, and there is an explicit sex scene). What I like about this story was that the main character, Min Dobbs, is a chubby girl, and even so, people consider her sexy. Even gorgeous Cal Morrisey, who never even thought she was fat. Cute.

The negative points of the book: it is a bit cliche sometimes, like the misunderstanding (I hate misunderstandings, they are odious), and other people trying to interfere between them: the ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, and the annoying Liza, who is supposed to be one of her best friend, but actually is more a pain in the ass. The ending was too hollywood-ish in my opinion, there was no need to know what happened to everyone in 10 years or so!

But I liked that Tony ended with Diana at the end, that was sweet and not too unexpected. And Cal is a darling, an almost perfect hero.