Special A, Vol. 17 - Maki Minami Well, sadly, but luckily, the manga is over. Sadly because I enjoyed this very much; it has everything a shoujo should be: it's funny, romantic, girly... Luckily because it began to be repetitive in some occasions, and at least in this last volume, it was not that funny as it used to be. It had a good closure... a bit of cliffhanger, but sweet (at least, in Jun-Sakura's, Yahiro-Megumi's, Akira-Tadashi's, Ryuu-Finn's stories). Kei-Hikari... it was nice, Kei proposing to Hikari, but I expected more. At least Hikari did not move out, and Tokiwa did. I did not like this guy very much.

But I would recommend this manga to all people who are looking good shoujos. The anime is very nice too, but not that good comparing it to the manga. I will miss SA team.