Black Butler, Vol. 09  - Yana Toboso This volume was amazing! Especially after the one with the Circus, the Baron and the creepiness... Or is it because I stopped reading the manga for so long? Anyway, this volume reminded me of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie: a group of person locked in a mansion, and then mysterious murders began to happen. And that they have to remain together, to avoid the murders and at the same time, to prevent the murderer to act.

There are new characters, such as the Charles (whom, so far, I am indifferent to them), a beautiful opera singer, several rich men, and of course, the writer, who liked Ciel very much (It's just that Ciel is so cute!)

When Sebastian appeared dead... WOW, what a scene! He looked so handsome even with all that blood over him. And it was so nice to see Ciel so disturbed over Sebastian's death. He does care for Sebastian, this is a proof! I don't care what other people say, I'm sure they like each other, despite their contract.

I love the servants, who care so much for Ciel. And it was also nice to see Finny and Meyrin caring for Sebastian.

WOW, Sebastian's former boots and nails! Shocking! And also shocking... the cats in his closet! What a weird guy hahaha

I'm still not sure about Lau, though. If he is like in the anime or what. And Ran Mao is his sister! Another shock.

So THANK GOD Kuroshitsuji is not letting me down, after the terrible volume with the circus. It still amazes me the artwork in this manga, and it is so dark and funny at the same time.