Loveless, Volume 1 - Yun Kouga I am not really sure about this manga. I just got out from Kurishitsuji's anime and I am in the middle of the manga, so of course this one reminds me a lot of Kuro, except that this one is more senseless and more yaoi. First of all, Ritsuka is kind like Ciel... but he is not. I mean, they are alike in certain points, like both of them are serious, are alone in the world (Ritsuka is not alone, but his parents seem to not love him, and his mother is a crazy-abused woman), both of them have an annoying girl who is after them (Lizzy after Ciel, Yuiko after Ritsuka), and both of them want revenge.

Secondly, Soubi is kind of Sebastian, but not at all. He is nice towards the boy, he is the 'weapon' on the team. However, I could understand why Sebby was like that towards Ciel (he wants his soul after all). In this case, why Soubi is saying 'I love you' to Ritsuka all the time? Maybe I'll get it in the next volumes... Anyway, Soubi is not as awesome as Sebby, nor that likeable. He is masochist and kind of stalker. (Oh I miss Kuroshitsuji so much!)

Where Ciel is all arrogance and coldness, Ritsuka is more girly. He immediately looks like he falls in love with Soubi, cuz he can't stop thinking about him (well, obviously, the boy got his first kiss from the guy!)

The boy who is in love with Yuiko... WTH? He looks so much like a girl. And that Kyo, Soubi's girl/boy friend.... is he or she? I am confused.

The theme of the fights I do not understand also very well. I hope it will be clearer in the next chapters. Soubi is the Fighter and Ritsuka the Sacrifice (again, very much like Kuro). But how do they fight? What is Ritsuka suppose to do in the meantime? Just stay there? And the words they say, what to they mean?

Lastly, the thing about the cat's ears and tail. It is kind of WTF for me. Why are the mangas/anime so obsessed with cats and bunnies? In this case, people who are virgin have ears and tails (?). It was kind of disturbing when Ritsuka had this thought about his mom who could be mad if he loose his ears at this age (12!). He was thinking about it, with Soubi next to him!

Oh well, I have to continue reading this cause of the similitude with Kuro (and because... I am not sure how this happened... I blame Sebastian and Ciel.... I kind of like yaoi now...OMG!) ***violently blushes***