Loveless, Volume 2 - Yun Kouga More similarities with Kuroshituji, I can't help it! Soubi only smiles when he gets hurt, just like Sebastian. And he wants to hear Ritsuka's command to proceed with his battles or whatever. He even says 'Yes, master'!! Waaaaaaa, I miss 'Yes, my lord'. Besides, Soubi sounds like Sebby :S

Anyway, this volume presents more disturbing characters. Like the Doctor (she? or he?) looks like is in love or has a crush on Ritsuka. Aaaaand, these 2 kids Zero (a girl and a boy? 2 boys?) were about to rape Ritsuka's teacher!!! WTH!

And poor Ritsuka, his mother is such a bitch! He is so abused at home; at least he protects Yuiko from the bullies.

I think I am starting to understand their way of fighting, at least half of it. The artwork is nice, it is similar to Clamp's, only that the gender of characters is very confusing; I am not sure who is male and who is female.