Pollyanna - Eleanor H. Porter It was a nice book, but I think I would have like it more if I were younger or if I did not read Anne before this one. I could not help comparing both stories: orphan girl with freckles who goes to another town and lives with a severe spinster, and changes the life of the people. While I fell in love with Anne and the people in Avonlea, from Marilla to Ruby Gillis, I cannot say the same about this one.

Pollyanna was too happy, too nice. Everything seems 'Sparkle', 'Sparkle' around her. And everyone liked her. Everyone played that silly game about being glad. Seriously, the book should have been called GLAD. And I could not like her Aunt. Why, Marilla was not even Anne's true Aunt, but she loved her and was nicer than Aunt Polly with Pollyanna.

I guess this book is a Kindred Spirit. Only that I did not find a kindred spirit in Pollyanna.