Heaven - Jet Mykles Wow, I am still surprised that I have read my first Gay Erotica and that I liked it! It is amazing... althought I believe I will never read this kind of book in a near future... But I think that, despite being an erotica story, the love story between Johnnie and Tyler was very sweet. And Johnnie was such a hottie! OMG, that man was persistant but so sexy! Tyler was definetely the girl in the relationship: too insecure, trying to deny the chemistry between the two of them, blah blah. And Johnnie never giving up, persuing Tyler, pushing him to go to bed with him, insisting his love for him. Anyway, I am still shocked I liked this book, but it was nice, sweet and romantic.

Note apart, the cover is horrible.

UPDATE Aug 13th: I think I can say this book put me into yaoi. I can understand why people say Mykles┬┤ books are like the yaoi manga. Johnnie is definetely the seme, and Tyler the uke. On the other hand, I have read the other books of the Heaven saga. They are not so good as this one. Sure, the sex scenes, and the guys, are really hot, but I think only this book reveals the true love between Tyler and Johnnie. Besides, I like Tyler so much better than Hell, Reese and Chris. The relationship does not seem based only on lust as the other couples. This couple is definetely my favorite one.