Blue Exorcist Volume 01 - Kato Kazue Rin is 15-years-old and he finds out he is the son of Satan. He has a twin brother, Yukio, who actually looks more mature and older than Rin. Father Fujimoto dies when he is explaining him the situation, but before, he tells Rin that he has a friend who will help him. Enter Mephis Topheles. Rin goes to an academy to learn how to be an exorcist. And surprise! his brother is a professor.

There were a few things I liked, and more that I... not disliked, but that bothered me.

What I liked: Rin's clothes are awesome, and also his weapon. The Academy is also great, kind of Hogwarts-like. Rin has a couple of sidekicks, like his brother (who looks a lot like Claude Faustus from the anime Kuroshitsuji II: cold, with glasses, awesome at fighting, etc, etc) and Mephis Topheles, who I guess is going to be the fun part of the manga.

What bothered me: Yukio looks not like Rin, despite being his twin; he looks at least 2 years older. And I did not like that scene where he tells Rin to die because of his condition. Hellooo, he is your twin brother! Show more sympathy for God's sake. The girl Sheimi looks like 12-years-old. And, as the story develops kind of quickly, I could not get to like or better, connect with the characters.

The story has potential. I was expecting a darker manga, but it is not.