The Grand Sophy - Georgette Heyer Re-read on the weekend of August 18th, 2012

I forgot why I liked this book so much. Sophy is one of the best heroines in all Georgette Heyer's books. Maybe because, despite being so young, she is brave, funny and mature. In GH's books where the heroines are young (less than 20-years-old) they are usually kind of nervous, or rather silly (Arabella, Hero, Kitty). However, Sophy is as intelligent and grand as Sarah Thane, Venetia, Frederica, Abigail. She comes to live with her relatives, and in the meantime, helps all of them to have a better life.

First, she helps Cecilia, who is the typical pretty and weak girl who has a crush on a handsome man, when it is really another good man the one for her. Another typical character is Hubert, who has problems because of gambling. And last, is Charles, the cousin who is kind of stiff, and claims he can't stand her, when actually, he likes her a lot.

I think that even if Charles never tells her he loves her, the story is very romantic and sweet. I love the fights between the two of them (more precisely, Charles's barks against Sophy) and how he defends her when his fiancee talks meanly against her.

Also, I love how much her father loves and trusts her. Not even once he doubts her abilities. And he was right. She was so capable at everything, without being a Mary Sue.

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