Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 04 - Karuho Shiina I think this one was the weakest, so the rating should really be 3 stars and a half.

The story is still cute, and I still adore Sawako. On the other hand, she makes me nervous. She really is the cutest girl, a girl without negatives feelings, who cannot think badly of anyone. Kurumi is the typical bitch. She deceives Sawako making her believer that both of them are friends, when in reality, Kurumi is acting behind her back, trying to keep Hazehaya apart from Sawako. Not only that, there are times when Kurumi cannot control her jealousy and hate and tells Sawako basically that she is annoying. Does Sawako get mad? No, she thanks Kurumi for telling her that kind of stuff, like for example, because Kazehaya is only nice to her that does not mean he likes her, when in reality, you just can tell he is in love with her.

Thank God Sawako has two great friends as Ayane-chan and Chiyu-san. These two are fearless and witty; quickly enough they find out Kurumi's true character, and confronted her. Kurumi admits she is the bitch behind all the nasty rumors, and what does Sawako do? Of course she cries, that is understandable, but she also keeps thinking Kurumi as a friend. And that made me nervous.

As usual, the main girl in a shoujo is dense. The same is with Sawako. In this volume, there are several behaviors of Kazehaya that are plainly facts that he likes her. Only that in this case, I understand why she is so dense; she has so little self-esteem she would not even imagine he would like her.

So, besides the somewhat-annoying behavior of Sawako, I still love this manga.