Maid-sama! Vol. 02 - Hiro Fujiwara I can't helped comparing this manga with Special A. Usui is so much like Kei! Like a super-hero, rescuing the maid when she needs it, and he also knows how to do everything right. And he is also madly in love with the heroine, who cannot and will not admit she also is over heels for him.

I am not sure if this happens in Japan, or just in mangas/anime, but the sexuality is kind of confusing. For example, in this volume, Misaki has to dress up like a man in the coffee shop where she works. And all the girls are like crazy for her. It is usual to read/watch characters who dress up like the opposite sex, how come no one can tell? And seriously, if Misaki is so feminist, how can she work so happily in that coffee shop? The girls working there have to dress up to be candy-eye for all perverts.

Anyway, I like the manga, but it still did not hook me. I can't even learn the names. It is fun, but no too funny. But it is sweet and romantic, and I want to watch the anime, that is why I am reading the manga.