Death Note, Vol. 4: Love - Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata So this one is the weakest I read so far from this manga. Now I can tell for sure that I am on L's side. He is still awesome, super intelligent and without fear. He knows he can die any minute, but he is determined to find Kira despite all.

Light... well, I still admire him cause he is so smart. But he seriously does not have any feeling, he is... like a killer-machine. Kills without remorse. Or is thinking in killing, especially in killing L. The most he showed in this volume is anger and frustration because of Misa.

And talking about Misa... I think that she is the one making this volume less awesome. She is soooo annoying! In fact, so annoying that Light even thinks he wants to punch a girl for the first time in his life. All she does if because of Light, because "she is in love", or because "it was love at first sight". I cannot even understand why TWO! freaking shinigamis loved her. Because of her beauty maybe? Cause she is sooo silly, I even pitied Light a little bit.

Supposedly Misa gave up her Death Note and, at the same time, forgot all about it and the murders. And Light turned himself in so he can be locked up and so L can keep an eye on him. Although I am not as excited as I was before to keep reading the manga, I bought Nr. 5 and 6, so we'll see how this continues...