Death Note, Vol. 6: Give-and-Take - Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata The last volumes are the best because it is great to watch L and Light working together. I like innocent Light more than I like Kira-Light. And even if there are enough proofs that he is not Kira, L knows.. or at least, wants him to be. And that is enough reason to make both of them fight, which I find amusing! I love when the two of them fight physically.

In this volume at least I started to like Misa a little more. Yeah, she is annoying with the whole "I want Light to be my boyfriend", "I love Light more than anything in the world", but at least she is brave, and Ryuuzaki likes her too, so that is enough for me.

The last chapters were incredible. The action... spectacular. The team finally found out that Higuchi is the actual Kira. Wedy was able to installed hidden cameras everywhere, so they watch when Higuchi wrote Matsuda's name down his Death Note. And when he was in the car talking to Rem, Ryuuzaki wondered if he was talking to a Shinigami. Come on L! You are so close! Specially now that it seems Higuchi is going to disappeared, and according to the Death Note's Rules, once the person who borrowed the Death Note dies, it goes automatically to its real owner, in this case, Light. And how awesome is L flying a helicopter? And Watari and Light next to him, trying to catch Kira?

So, as much as I like the manga (seriously, it is gripping it is hard to put it down), and as much as I love Ryuuzaki I'll probably stop reading it and I'll watch the anime only. I miss Ryuk, but if he appears again it will mean Light is Kira again, and I do not want that. I like so much to see Light and Ryuuzaki working together that I know I will hate him back to his Kira identity. It was nice to meet Light as a L's Team (and also Misa), but I am pretty sure this will change in the next chapter :(