Just Like Heaven (Smythe-Smith Quartet) - Julia Quinn I think 'Just like heaven' is to the Bridgerton series as the Hathaways is to the Wallflowers series: it is enjoyable, fun, romantic, but not as fun, romantic. True, I do not remember very well all the books (I am planning on re-reading them), but Romancing Mister Bridgerton is still fresh on my mind, and I loved the interaction between the members of the family.

Characters: Honoria is a lovely heroine. I like that she was not defensive, or unusual, as it is common in Regencies books. I do not say I don't like this kind of character, but it is refreshing to find a heroine that is normal. She was not sooo pretty, but has beautiful eyes. The chemistry between her an Marcus was great. They were really good friends, very comfortable around each other. No blushes or flirts. Marcus was also nice, cause he was not the typical flirt/bad boy/rake in a Regency novel (not that I am against them AT ALL). Instead, he was shy, nice, and happy to be part of the Smythe-Smith family.

Plot: first it was great, then MEH, then good, then MEH again. First: all the interaction between Honoria and Marcus was nice, they treated each other as brother and sister, they were obviously comfortable with each other. But you could already see the chemistry between them, when the almost-kiss happened.

Then happened this incident where Marcus got injured and Honoria took care of him. Fist of all, how was even possible to get an injure like that? I don't think the valet was stupid enough to cut the boots that bad. And then Honoria taking care of Marcus... yeah, right. Honoria and her mother turned to be great surgeons when it comes to Marcus' leg. The mother witnessed only once how was it, but she was able to perform a fantastic surgery that saved Marcus' leg. And while Marcus was in such a great pain, he laughed? Because of what Honoria said? Yeah, right. I do not think that a man who is in danger of losing his leg and with an excruciating pain would laugh... And Honoria talking and talking... I know she had a soothing voice, Marcus was happy to have her next to him, blah, blah; but when you are in pain, with fever, etc, you want peace and no noise, so this entire part was unbelievable to me.

It was nice again when all the preparations for the musical took place. It was fun to read about the other girls and how much they wanted to avoid the concert. And it was also nice when Marcus and Honoria finally found out their love for each other... especially because after 'consuming their love' Honoria did not doubt even once that they were going to get married or that Marcus loved her, even if he never mentioned the word Love. Another unusual aspect of the book that was great.

The ending seemed kind of bland... I would have liked to read more about Honoria's brother, and his re-encounter with his mother.

Bottom line, reading a book by Julia Quinn is always fun.