Death Note, Vol. 7: Zero - Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata


Seriously... What. The.F***.Was.The.Author.Thinking.

I want:

1. laydown in the same position as L is in the cover of this volume or
2. destroy everything around me


I cannot stand reading/watching Death Note anymore. I absolutely hate Light and I absolutely despise Misa. Light is a fucking coward psychopath. Misa is the most stupid girl in the universe. And as they are the main characters now, with no Ryuuzaki behind them, there is no point in reading/watching this anymore.

This chapter ruined my weekend... I cried.. a lot :/

And I am not saying the manga is bad... it is still amazing, with so much suspense. Just... not for me anymore, as I can stand Light anymore and I've lost my dear L :(