Just One Wish - Janette Rallison

I picked this book up because I became a huge fan of this author since My Fair Godmother, one of my favorites fantasy books. I think Janette Rallison writes marvelously. I was looking to read another book from her since I finished My Fair Godmother. 'Just One Wish' may not be the fantasy book I was looking for, but it definitely has the 'flavor'.

Annika is a teenage girl who loves his little brother Jeremy, of 6-years-old very much. Sadly, he has cancer, a severe one. So if he wants a Robin Hood toy, what else can Annika do than trying by any means to get it? When she finally does, she makes up a genie, telling his brother he has 2 wishes. She is sure he will wish for the toy. Unexpectedly, he wishes for Robin Hood himself, the character of the popular TV show Teen Robin Hood. Of course Annika cannot disappoint her little brother, so she manages to go the set, after 4 hours of trip, along with her best friend Madison. She meets the amazing and hot actor, Steve Raleigh, who after a duel of archery, has to go with her to her home to meet Jeremy. And during the trip, they get to know each other and fall in love.

If you read this kind of plot, you will think is just another teen book where common-girl meets a hot-star and fall in love. Not the case, at least with Janette Rallison. There is so much more, and it involves the love Annika has for Jeremy. I smiled several times thru the book, and I also cried, literally. It is tender, sweet, teen in some ways, but also real.

For My Fair Godmother's fans: this book has several similarities with the other book. Annika is a beautiful blond fierce girl, just like Savannah. Steve is likeable, hot and nice as Tristan (although I like Tristan more). There are Middle Age elements, like archery, swords. There is the 'Genie' Annika invented for Jeremy.

If I haven't read My Fair Godmother before this, I would have probably rated 4 stars. I recommend this to anyone who wants a light reading, but also a touching story.