Maid-sama! Vol. 03 - Hiro Fujiwara

Well, I am persistent, that is for sure. I am still trying to get into this manga, cause it has certain elements I like:

- Misaki: tough main girl who is unwilling to admit she likes the boy
- Usui: hot guy crazy over the girl (and he is a mix between two of my favorites main boys in a manga: Takishima Kei -intelligent, rich, a little stalker-ish, great at everything- and Tamaki -a big flirt, the same looks, nice, etc-)

But... MEH. I still do not like Misaki, I do not know what is wrong with her... I guess her personality is not so great. And the typical transvestite... again. A cute girl comes to the coffee shop, and likes Usui, but he does not even look at her. And it turns out the cute girl was actually a boy.... MEH, being there, done that.

Oh, and the artwork is not so good... It reminds me of OHSHC (only that by the 2nd volume I did not care in OHSHC... the manga was so funny!)