Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 02 - Karuho Shiina Awwww this manga is really sweet! It makes my eyes watery, literally. Sawako is really cute. In this volume, everything is about friendship and rumors. Sawako is so happy to have Yoshida, Yano and Kazehaya as their friends, until she starts listening to rumors that make her believe she is causing unpopularity to her friends. That is why, without saying anything, she starts to avoid them, but her friends cannot bear this. I thought it was so sweet how the two girls keep crying and thinking over Sawako; they like her so much and suffered a lot.

Luckily everything gets cleared up, and Sawako ends with 3 great friends. I am dying to watch the anime. I hope it is as nice as the manga. The artwork is so sweet. So yeah, the only adjective I can use for this manga is sweet :D