Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs I admit I cheated the last chapters... I read it as fast as I could, barely paying attention to what I was reading. Basically the book can be divided in 3 parts:

1sr part - "Gradpa tells stories to his grandson, about his past and a home where he lived with other children when he was younger. These children were 'peculiar', which means they were kind of X-Men: one could fly, another has a thing with bees, etc. There were even creepy photos about this." So the first part was WOW, this looks interesting. The photos are great, it looks like the book is going to be kind of scary and adventurous.

2nd part - "Grandpa starts to get crazy, claiming he is being chased by monsters. Grandson -Jake- goes to his home with a friend, and they find his Grandpa's body covered in blood in the woods. While Jake is trying to hear what his Grandpa is telling him, he sees a monster nearby. Grandpa dies, and no one believes Jake, so his parents send him to a psychiatrist, and his friend abandons him. He gets to convinced this parents to go to Wales, only if his father goes with him. Jake is trying to find out more things about his Grandpa". Mmmmm ok, still interesting, but it is starting to drag a bit. The photos are still great, but I do not seem to like Jake. He is bland. I thought his friend was going to have a interesting part in the story, but he doesn't. And it is already almost half of the book, and nothing about the 'peculiar' people yet...

3rd part - "Jake finally finds the peculiar children, stepping in the past. He befriends an invisible boy and a girl who can make fire. It turns out that the children are living trapped in the past, kind of Peter Pan in Neverland. And it turns out this girl was Grandpa's sweetheart. And now she is Jake's sweetheart. And the bad guy turns to be the psychiatrist..." Ok, so just when things should start to be interesting, it doesn't. First, it looks like this girl has to be satisfied to keep the Grandson as she could not get the Grandpa. And ewww, going out with your Grandpa's ex? Just no.

Secondly, it was kind of obvious that the psychiatrist was the bad guy, so no mystery here. I think the author should have decided if he wanted a mystery book, or a dark-scary book, or an adventurous book. Because he failed in the 3 fields.