Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 01 - Kyousuke Motomi

After like, the first two pages, I had a feeling I would not like this shoujo very much, and sadly, I was right. The reasons: a bunch of cliches (most of the times I do not mind cliches... in fact, I like them, but it did not work very well in this case)

- heroine is a sweet, nice girl (and looks a lot like Yuuki from VK, a character I do not like AT ALL)
- heroine gets in trouble when she breaks a window. Best way to pay for the window, as she is poor: work for the janitor, Kurosaki, who is our hero (BTW, how expensive it is to pay for a broken window?)
- heroine gets sick... just a cold with fever, but that makes her weak and faint. Of course, hero is there to save her.
- heroine manages to befriend the bitch at school, by being nice and friendly.
- heroine gets in dangerous situations; hero has a loooot of work with this girl, by always watching to see what and how she is doing.

So basically, the reason I did not like the manga very much is because of Teru. I hate Mary Sue's characters, and she is a perfect example of it. She depends too much on this Daisy character, who is actually Kurosaki.

I know this is a shoujo and it should be fun and not believable, but it gets on my nerves to read about a girl who trusts so much a man she never saw in her life. And about the fun part, it is not funny, cuz honestly I did not laugh a single time.