High School Debut, Vol. 01 - Kazune Kawahara The plot is kind of silly (a school girl, Haruna, wants to have a boyfriend, and asks a very popular popular guy, Yoh, to coach her to be more attractive. The only condition: she cannot fall in love with him). But I found the manga pretty funny, and the characters, very nice. It is a enjoyable shoujo, despite a couple of silliness and cliches.

Haruna reminds me of Koizumi, from Love*Com (Lovely*Complex), Volume 1; kind of silly, but funny, cute, energetic and instead of being the height her mainly difficulty to attract boy, in this case is her muscles (she is a very athletic girl).

Yoh is also cute, cause he has a temper and he is not afraid to tell Haruna when she looks bad. And I appreciate that he does not like whiny girls, because he forbids Haruna to cry (yayyy!) At first I did not catch his name... I thought it was like 'hey, yo!' or something

The secondary characters look interesting: Yoh's sister Assa, Yoh's two friends, and Haruna's friend (I do not remember their names so far). The friends are always welcoming in a shoujo, they make the story lighter and funnier; especially if they have a big role in the main characters' life (as it happened in Love.com)