Charmed Life - Diana Wynne Jones Diana Wynne surely knows how to write. This book could have been slow, but she writes so wonderfully it was not bad. I am pretty sure the next books in the series will be better; the thing about this one is that the main character, Cat, does not know anything and that was somewhat troublesome.

Cat is a boy who lives with his older sister Gwendolen. Both of them lost their parents when a ship sunk, so they were living with a witch, who wanted to teach Gwendolen everything, as the girl was a gifted witch too. Then, Gwendolen managed to moved out with Cat to the Chrestomanci┬┤s Castle, where he lives with his wife, 2 children, their tutor and several servants. And what is a Chrestomanci? He is a enchanter with 9 lives and who is like a part of the Government, taking care of the well use of magic.

The idea of the Chrestomanci is awesome. What was not awesome was Gwendolen, the spoiled girl who was not nice to her brother, and used him. Thankfully Janet comes instead of her (she looks like Gwendolen, but she is much nicer). And Cat was not a very nice hero; I mean, he was rather stupid for support his sister in all her mischiefs AND, in spite of her bad attitude towards him, he missed her when she went away.

In the last chapters he finally discovered he is also a Chrestomanci, so I think, the adventure will really start in the next book.

And again, Diana Wynne Jones┬┤style of writing is very similar to Patricia Wrede, another wonderful fantasy writer.