Hellsing, Vol. 01 - Duane Johnson, Kohta Hirano

I do not know why it took me TWO DAYS! to finish this manga. The concept, plot and characters are great. Hellsing is an British organization who hunts vampires, ghouls, etc. Their best agent is Alucard, who is also a vampire, but not in the traditional way. The Chief is a woman, Integra, who was the one who practically saved Alucard in the past... or at least, brought him to life again.

While Alucard was hunting some vampires, he met a virgin, Victoria, and to save her, he had to turn her into a vampire. Now she hunts with him. But there is another organization, this one from the Vatican, who are against Hellsing, cause they are not Catholics. Enter Anderson, their best agent.

What I like: they have a woman as the Head of the organization, and it looks she is fierce and brave. And she is not the only woman in the whole manga. There is Victoria, a vampire, who so far, is not as awesome, but who is learning how to take them down. At least she is not a whiny.

Alucard is a great main character. He has something that reminds me of Sebastian Michaelis. The sign in his hand, his confidence, his coolness... even when he is covered in blood with a hundred bullets in him...

What I do not like: the art style for women only. In general, all looks good, but the girls look like man, especially Integra. Even the OVA at the end of the book... there were supposed to be 2 girls, but one of them I thought was a boy until I have almost finish the story.

Overall, good story, much bloody and violent than I thought... and maybe the reason I like it so much.