The Tyrant Falls In Love, Volume 04 - Hinako Takanaga So Sempai acts like a tyrant (again) against a boy, who takes revenge by harming him and his house. Morinaga, very worried, moves in with Sempai and his little sister. Sempai thinks his intentions are others and does not want to (who could blame him?) but Morinaga wins over and lives with them (and even with all the times Sempai threatened him, Mori kisses Sempai!).

The house gets on fire, while Sempai is on school. Mori gets trapped in the fire, and Sempai comes to save him... only that, being the tyrant he is, he kicks poor Mori in the face while there is a fire going! This is the way of Sempai to show that he is worried.

So they spend the night in a hotel, where Mori tries to comfort... only by "hugging" him while they are laying in bed. But he cannot help getting excited. We have to give him credit for this, cause he tried REALLY hard. And surprisingly, is Sempai the one that gives the first step. He kisses Mori, hurray! And a very hot scene comes then...

They finally move out together, with a condition: Sempai will have his own room with a key... he cannot trust Mori! I like this manga so much. Sempai is really a tyrant, but he is so passionate. You can tell he has feelings for Mori, only that he cannot admit it nor show it. Mori has to be so persuasive and patient to get his heart.