High School Debut, Vol. 03 - Kazune Kawahara I am giving this manga a chance because it has similarities with Love.Com. True, Haruna is not as cute and funny as Koizumi, and even if Koizumi also cried a lot, you couldn't help but sympathize with her. To me, Haruna is more annoying, and rather silly.

She confessed to Yoh, and he agreed to hang out together, as a couple. I thought the words he told her were more like 'Do not give up, and just try to win my heart', when it actually meant 'ok, now we are boyfriend and girlfriend' (?)

I am not sure if it is because Yoh is kind of 'lifeless', but I cannot see the chemistry between them (as a couple). I see them more like friends. But again, I felt the same way in the first volume of Love.com, and by the 2nd volume, I was already in love with Koizumi-Ootani.

I think I'll read this manga until I get to Vol. 5 at least... It is not bad, I actually enjoy it, but there are some things that bother me... like Assa for example. She is Yoh's sister, but looks like she wants to be in the middle of the relationship -by going out with Yoh and Haruna when they want to have a date together-. And Yoh is so... apathetic.