Old Magic - Marianne Curley

Half of the book I read in less than 24 hours, it was that good. It starts already with action and magic. Our main characters, Kate and Jarrod, are in school, having classes. Jarrod is a new student, and as usually, there are bullies who are trying to get him. Without knowing, Jarrod changes the weather, making a strong wind and making all his classmates start to panic. In the meantime, Kate, as a witch, is aware of the strong power in Jarrod. Already the first chapter is amazing.

Kate is a fantastic main character. She is like Sawako, from the manga Kimi ni Todoke: long black hair, almond eyes, white skin, and her classmates are a little in awe of her because they think (correctly) she is a witch. But she does not care, she is perfectly happy with her friend and with her grandma Jillian, who is a strong witch herself.

Jarrod, on the other hand, is a bland character. This was one of the few books where I liked the girl more than I liked the boy. All the proofs that he had a strong power where there, but he was reluctant to believe. There is a part where Jarrod says something like he wanted to put his hands around Kate´s neck and shake her; that is exactly how I felt everytime Kate wanted to convince him of his power or of his family´s curse, and he just mocked her.

Whe he finally started to believe about the curse, he and Kate have to go back to Medieval period to stop the sorcerer and the curse. And I was so excited because 1) Medieval period is one of my favorite era, 2) it was similar to one of my favorite books, My Fair Godmother, whre the real fun begins once the main characters travel in time.

Sadly, this was not the case. First, I did not like Jarrod´s ancestors, none one of them. They could have travelled to any era for that matter; it was no difference because there were so little facts related to Medieval time. And Rhauk, the antagonist, was stronger than Kate and Jarrod, and it made mad to read Kate being kicked and punched, hopeless and weak, while silly Jarrod finally came to his senses, "realizing" he had a strong power.

So 50% of the book, the first half, was really good and fast pacing. The chemistry between the two of them was great; there was no need for them to think "wow, he/she is beautiful" or "I love his/her eyes/lips/hair, whatever" to convince us they liked each other.

The second half, not that good. Kate and Jarrod were weaker, I did not feel their attraction like I did in the first part... But the book is definitely better than most YA books I read so far.