Queen of the Dead - Stacey Kade What can I say, I adore this couple. I have two favorites human/ghost couple (the other one is Susannah-Jesse from Shadowland), but Alona and Will is my Nr. 1 couple. Their personalities are great and they complement each other very well (One thing I cannot help thinking when I read that they are kissing... how weird will Will look if he is caught by, let's say, his mother? LOL) I still think The Ghost and the Goth was better than this one, cause there were parts were I was thinking 'Oh no, you wouldn't!' with both of them.

**spoilers** First it was Alona with all the 'my-family-is-forgetting-me-but-I-will-not-let-them' thing. Ok, ok, I know it is painful, so I guess I can skip this. And Will... with the whole 'Organization' thing. This was silly. I mean, trapping the soul in different boxes? Will, it is obvious it is wrong, but nevertheless you carry on with this. At least this time, Alona was right, but no, you would not listen to her this time.

But then again, Alona in Lilly's body. Oh boy. Now she cannot get out of there. Even if I still do not know how this is going to end, I think, in spite of all, it is nice to have Lily back just for her family's sake. And even if she does not have the face or body of Alona, Will still perceives her as Alona, not Lilly. How sweet is that?