Black Butler, Vol. 14 - Yana Toboso WOW, again. This time I loved the scenes about Sebastian´s past, his first days as a butler. We get to see how Sebastian improved to become the best butler, and how Ciel improved to become a great Earl. In my opinion, they also started to respect each other while helping each other. It was pretty funny to see Sebastian being reproved by Ciel, and vice versa, each one of them accepting the disapproval, despite their pride.

Then, back to the sinking boat again. Gosh, I love Grell! He does have something for cold guys… Will shows up too, cause his fellows Grell and Ronald are useless to collect the souls. Undertaker vanished leaving Ciel something, and Sebastian is deeply hurt. Even so, he manages to save Ciel and put him on a little boat… until more zombies come up. I gotta say one more time… Sebastian is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Even deeply hurt, he was able to defeat Ronald and all the zombies in such a cool way. It looked so hopeless when so many zombies appeared, and the two of them all alone, and Sebastian so injured, in the water. I loved it when Ciel shouted “Sebastian, get in!” (Ciel was worried for him! I can tell!) and also when Ciel asked him if he was going to be able to take all the zombies down and Sebastian said “There is no need to ask a servant anything. Please give me an order”. Because he seemed to gain power every time Ciel commands him something.

I am soooo sure Sebastian and Ciel care for each other! I do not mean in the yaoi way, but like buddies... like a family. Sebastian went thru all the ways to save Ciel, he even looked worried when Ciel was in danger, and not only because Ciel is his food. And when Sebastian was all hurt, barely resisting, Ciel looked worried too. After Sebastian defeated all the zombies, Ciel told him that, when they get home, he (Sebastian) should take a break because “he did it well”. Awwwww that was so sweet I almost cried. To me, Sebastian felt moved by this too, I am sure.

The chapter of the Easter seemed a filler, although I was very happy to see Soma and Agni again. These two characters grow on me. They are sweet and funny, and care for Ciel, which is always a big plus. The Charles, Grey and Phipps… not so much. And neither Nina… And Lizzy and her brother… MEH

The last chapter, “Attending School”. WOW. Weston College seems like Hogwarts, only that this one is for boys only. But, private school and 4 houses… each one with its own color… and the Perfect Four… looks like the next arc is going to be great! With the Dorm Supervisor, Michaelis… ahhhhhh **nosebleed**