Beast Master, Vol. 1 - Motomi Kyousuke If you are looking for a main girl character that does not cry in the whole volume, you have to read this! For this reason only I think the manga is great. Yuiko is a terrific heroine: does not whine, is nice without being annoying, does not think in boys only **cough as most shoujos girls** and she is funny!

On the other hand, Leo is also a refreshing character: he is sensible (his eyes get watery very easily), he is different (gets violent as a beast, but he is tender with animals); he is very innocent and does not know much about life (he did not know what basketball was!). And most important of all, he looks so much like Ryuuzaki! Big plus.

It is funny and also sweet. The chibis made me laugh a lot. So far, nothing 'romantic', which is very nice (and original). Yuiko is more maternal towards Leo more than anything. No blushing nor any of cliches in shoujos. Thanks to the Group of Manga Shoujos for recommending this manga!