Beast Master, Vol. 2 - Motomi Kyousuke What a cute and short manga! The second volume had more cliches circumstances, like a kidnapping, or the possibility of Leo to go abroad, or -again- Yukio was almost raped. Somehow, none of these situations was annoying and made me roll my eyes, and it is all because of Yukio and Leo, who are so funny!

They reminded me a little of Koizumi and Ootani: Leo, like Koizumi, shows his affections every time to Yukio, or if she kisses him on the cheek, he is elated and wants more. Or when he confessed his feelings (epic!). And Yukio, like Ootani, thinks she likes Leo just as a friend, until she realizes he is the most important person right now to her. Yukio is possibly one of the best characters; she is always making funny faces, she is a little sarcastic and she is just... NICE (and not the kind of 'I am nice so I am smiling a lot').

Other character that made me laugh every single time was Toki-san, Leo's tutor. He was so attached to Leo that he was almost corny, crying all the time (and the Book of Life he made... Genius!)

Is this the final volume? I really hope that it is not, cause it is great. Do not let the cover fool you: looks dramatic, but it has barely drama: it is more fun and sweeter than anything else.

EDIT: awwww it is the last and final volume, confirmed. How sad!