The Princess Bride - William Goldman I watched the movie a hundred of times. I even own a copy. Who did not grow up watching it? I think it was released the year I was born. In Spanish the movie is "El Pirata y La Princesa", The Pirate and The Princess. Reading the book is like watching the movie; it is practically the same, there has been little variations and more background in the book.

There are so many memorable scenes and quotes on this book. I even have some of them in my favorites quotes (one of Vizzini -bless the "Inconceivable" word), or Miracle Max (one of the most famous quotes in the movie, "Good luck storming the castle!" is not in the book).

It is hard not TO compare book with movie, which is what I am going to do now. Some things I find better in the book, some things I find better in the movie.

In the book, I like that we have more background of Fezzik and Inigo: we get to know them better, what made them be what they are in present day, their past. They are a vital part of the story, not just secundary characters. Also, I found so funny and tender the scene where the boy (the younger author) was listening to his father reading the story, and his father tells him that there is a chapter he must avoid reading. When the boy presses him to tell him why, and his father confesses it is because of Westley┬┤s death, the boy cries for an hour, thinking he will cry for ever. I felt this way so many times reading a good book that I understood the boy so well, but at the same time, it made me laugh.

In the movie, I like more the "present". The Granpa reading his Grandson is much better than in the book; I think because the Grandson is more rebellious (or maybe because Fred Savage and Peter Falk did a great job). Also, in the book the authour drags the things on, like his relationship with his wife and son, his problems at hime, his flirting, etc. And also the end in the movie is better; in the book is a little ambiguous.

In my opinion -in this is one of the few times I can say this- it is better to watch the movie before reading the book. The characters were so well played by these actors, and they are so likeable, and they make you like them. If I have read the book without watching the movie, I would not feel the same towards Westley, or Buttercup, or even the Prince.